-- 13. May 2016:

I completed a new mural May 12.
I am honered to be able to draw on the shrine
that has been loved by the people.
I hope that the people who visit this shrine get emotional.

-- 2. February 2016:

I have completed a new mural.
You will be able to find it on container in OKUDA GARDEN.
and some of the Venice piece will be released soon!

-- 15. December 2015:

I was allowed to complete the new mural
in cherry blossoms.
I hope that happy a lot of people great scenery
and street art.

-- 16. June 2015:

I made a mural of the new work
on walls of the alma mater of elementary school.
I hope that children of this elementary school challenge
the world with a dream.

-- 6. March 2015:

I have completed a new mural.
Original canvas of this piece will be exhibited
in Malaysia exhibition in March.

-- 15. December 2014:

I released "Winter Wonderland"
in USA and Japan in December.
It's made in 9 colors of silk screen and my stencil spray.
I loved this wintry piece!

and I'm preparing a gift to everyone at the end of the year.
So please wait to look forward to.:)

-- 25. June 2014:

I will hold a solo exhibition in New York from July 27.
New some peaces will be released in the solo exhibition.
And work of the various past will be on exhibit together.

I was able to hold a solo exhibition thanks to you guys!
I am grateful to everyone.

Please come to see the actual canvas I made,
because it will be able to entertain you surely.

A Beautiful Life
a solo exhibit by Roamcouch
60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249
June 27th - July 13th 7PM - 10PM

Release date and time of the online:
June 27th at 12PM EST through the UTBNYC online store.

UTBNYC http://www.utbnyc.com/

-- 21. March 2014:

I will hold a solo exhibition in New York in June.
Please wait look forward to new work since
some will be exhibited in a solo show.

-- 7. December 2013:

My new piece "When you wish upon a star - London "
are released on December 7,Sepia and Blue
paper and Canvas are released
on USA and Japan.

Under the bridge - http://utbnyc.com/

Mudob (English page) - http://www.mudob.com/?mode=f21
(Japanease page) - http://www.mudob.com

When you wish upon a star is a trilogy.
so I'm making a work of the end of the trilogy now.
It will be to work paired with London.
Please look forward to because
it is drawn on the wall soon.

-- 27. September 2013:

Bombed was completed!
This painting is a collaboration
with Martin Whatson of my friend.
Martin's colorful graffiti was brings out
a detailed stencil of me.
Bombed will go is released around the world in order.

-- 21. August 2013:

All paper of When you wish upon a star was sold out.
many thanks to all who purchased.

-- 13. August 2013:

My new work will be released in four countries
in August 16 or 17th.

"When you wish upon a star"

UK - Graffiti prints http://www.graffitiprints.com/
USA - Spoke art http://spoke-art.com/
NOR - Goblin store http://www.goblin.no/index.php/
JPN - Mudob http://www.mudob.com/

Please email to me if you want to buy the canvas
with your name,address,phone number(for shipping)
and which colour you want.
buyer will be decided by lot if there are a lot of mail.
(lot day is August 20)

Mail address info@roamcouch.com
250,000 JPY + shipping

Latest information is passed on with mail.
Please subscribe in the mailing list.

-- 25. April 2013:

The AP version of Rainbow Inc.is released
in Gallery Kawamatsu in Japan.

Details will be able to be seen on the following pages.
Please email to gallery Kawamatsu
if there is a thing that you want to question on.
They can send it out to foreign countries.


Gallery Kawamatsu can be sent out to foreign countries.
It exhibits until June 26, and come to see by all means,
please if you can come to this gallery. ;)

Moreover, I am scheduling the exhibition
in foreign countries in summer.
Then, I will release the new piece.
It waits a little more because the new piece
can be shown to everybody soon. ;)

-- 18. January 2013:

Special color of Rainbow Inc.was released.
As for this special version, the pearl processing is done.
It seems to discolor when the angle changes.
And, it shines beautifully when light reflects.

It releases it in the support shop in my Japan.

I am making the most detailed painting in my work now.
And, it will become a very delicate, colorful picture.
I hope this work is shown by
everybody as soon as possible.

-- 20. December 2012:

Hi Everyone.
GoblinStore(Norway) of the My support shop started
to sell and the server
crashed in a few seconds.
Perhaps, my site will crash too.

Then, I decided to change the sales system.
The person who wants to buy
it goes from the "Buy now" button to the
purchase page and can order there.
After that, the buyer will be decided by lottery.
There is a period for five days.
so It is safe even if there is no suddenness.
I will emails to all members
who ordered on the 25th, and wait till then please.

I am sorry for suddenly changing.

(This is a change of the sales system for
a sepia canvas on my site.
Other sales systems are not changed.)

My best regards.

-- 20. December 2012:

Two Rainbow Inc.(Sepia) canvases will be sold
on this site at December 22th 22:00 (GMT+9).

Please check it out.

-- 27. November 2012:

My new piece "Rainbow Inc." were released.
Canvas and 100 silkscreenprint(50Mono/50Sepia)
is sold in Japan, Norway and UK.
And, few canvases will be sold
on my website.(2Canvas)

The making of Rainbow.inc can be seen here.

And, the image movie that "Wiv +" produced
can be seen here.

Norway/Goblin store

-- 27. November 2012:

The new work is scheduled to be released
in the middle of December.
Few canvases and silk screens (15 colors) are released
at the same time with Japan with UK and Norway.

Information will be sent to you before releases
if it registers in the mailing list.

-- 26. June 2012:

My piece was decided to be sold in the shop in Norway.

and the work of my paper will be sold
by the webshop that was able to be renewed.

Please check it.

-- 8. June 2012:

Emotional Rain that was the new work was released.
A blue version is sold in Japan
and a green version is sold in Norway.
and making movie is here.

It came to be able to buy my work also in Norway.

My picture has been exhibited in the gallery in Tokyo now.
The new work is exhibited one by one.

Gypsy Eyes

-- 3. March 2012:

The web catalog was renewed.
Therefore, it came to be able to sell
the work on the website.
It is thought that it becomes very interesting
though the work to be able to do the bought thing is
limited to the new work.

My work will be sold soon
in the gallery in Norway in the near future.
Because some interesting artists are participating,
I think it is very interesting.

-- 6. January 2012:

Don't touch me that was the new work was
released with the canvas and Giclee Print.
And, the present at the new year
from me is prepared.
It presents to the person who bought
my work in mudob and it presents it to
20 people in order of arrival.
Please check it.

I participate in group show done in
Oregon in the United States
on February 2 this year.
A lot of famous artists all over the world
participate in a very exciting event,
and go to check, please.
I am producing the canvas work
of 800x800 for this Show now.
As for this work, some canvases and paper
are scheduled to be produced after
group show ends.




If no response is received in a day,
please email me at info@roamcouch.com


Click image to enlarge.